January 22, 2010

Emma Bonino exposed to pro-life America

From: “Voglio Vivere” [Italian pro-life organization]
To: American Pro Life leaders gathering tonight at the Rose Dinner
Jan. 22, 2010

Emma’sTrue Story: The do-it-yourself abortionist who wants to govern the Latium Region. In the ’70s she vacuumed fetuses with a bicycle pump and threw them into the garbage. Today, to attract votes she claims to be a friend of the Vatican.


The Emma Bonino Affair: Abortionist & President

The PD (Democratic Party) leftwing candidate in the Lazio region, Emma Bonino, performed abortions and bragged about it. She was arrested for it, having been caught red handed as she vacuumed out a fetus. Here is the story no one wants to remember.

by Andrea Morigi,
Libero, daily newspaper, Milan, Jan. 21, 2010


Abortions, not words. Voters in the Latium Region can put to rest any possible doubt: Emma Bonino does keep her election promises. This is attested to by her personal history, even the one forgotten in official biographies, as she is now hailed as a champion of human rights. However, though rarely, at times there comes to the surface a photograph published by the magazine Oggi, in 1975, depicting her bent over a woman with open legs in the act - real or staged for the report - to snatch a child’s life. Back in those days, the now radical, PD-supported candidate for president of the Lazio Region, waged battle for the “right to choose motherhood,” as Grace put it in 2006.

As a radical militant, she would stick the tube of a bicycle pump into the uterus of women who turned to her to kill the child they were carrying. The current vice-president of the Senate was the one who personally vacuumed out the “uterus’s contents.” Then she would place them into a jar of marmalade. And she herself recounted the gruesome procedure, leaving out only one detail: the fetuses ended up the garbage. But she confided to Neera Fallaci, of Oggi magazine, her own indifference and that of the aborting mothers: “The women don’t care whether or not I use a recipient purchased in a health store, so in fact, is a good reason to laugh.”

She was taught to laugh by Adele Faccio, who in 1974 had founded in Milan the Center for Sterilization and Abortion Information, which boasts a record of 10,141 abortions illegally procured at the time, as the law regarded them as infanticide. Bonino ended up in jail for a few days, after denouncing herself. Since the laws - then as now - were made and unmade by the judges as they saw fit, she got away with an acquittal that opened the doors of Parliament for her far and wide, politically anticipating Law 194 of 1978 that established the rules for the so-called interruption of pregnancy. Today, about 120,000 fetuses are suppressed every year.

In the thirty-two years of this law, not taking into account the massacres carried out clandestinely, there are millions of Italians whom the registrar has been unable to record. And the dead do not vote either.

Yet, for a while now, Bonino has shown herself quite tranquil about her relations with the Vatican: “On the issues of prisoners, immigrants and the sick, my relationship with Catholic associations has always been excellent,” she told the other day Mauritius Belpietro, of Mattino Cinque, saying she was sure that “Catholics, like everyone else, think about the candidates, their track records and programs.”

Cesare Cavalleri, who directs the monthly magazine, Studi Cattolici, is among the Christians who do not maintain good relations with her. He writes that in October 1976, Marco Pannella, Adele Faccio and Emma Bonino, instigators of abortion, are “murderers objectively speaking,” because “a person who performs abortions is a murderer, and one who instigates the killers or collaborates with them is morally stained with the same crime.” The three sued him, and on July 7, 1980, the Milan Court acquitted him because “the fact is not a crime.” That was an important legal precedent that allowed the center-right freely to disseminate the truth even during the next election campaign, if the red robes will let them.

As for the rest, Bonino always proclaimed herself a champion of freedom of opinion. At the Family Day, on May 2, 2007, she joined the counter-demonstration in Piazza Navona with [the organization] Coraggio Laico [Lay Courage] held to commemorate the victory of the divorce referendum. Indeed, Romano Prodi, an ‘adult Catholic,’ designated her Minister for International Trade and European Policies. And for that reason he had made enemies of the Holy See and the Catholic electorate.

Nor did Silvio Berlusconi take her [abortionist] position into account when, as President of the Council [Prime Minister] in 1995, he appointed her European Commissioner. Immediately after the fall of his first government, he left the keys to Palazzo Chigi with Lamberto Dini.

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